Climbing towards sunset on the 2018 RUFA.

Jared’s “Running Up for Air” has become the SLC winter classic. It truly is a blast to hang out with a pile of other runners, all in support of Breathe Utah. There’s lots of great information out there about the race’s history, how bad SLC’s air is in the winter, and perhaps about what a slow of climber I am. But I had so much fun this year that I thought I’d share a few pictures.

I had a professional conference that bled into the early afternoon, leaving me to run with the 3pm Six Hour Crew. Last year I ran the Twelver and was anxious to try again that length again – but just couldn’t make it. Perhaps another year I’ll be courageous enough to run with the Twenty-Four Hour Crew.

This year I just tried to have fun and not get caught in my head. It worked.

And having beefy spikes also worked (note to self).

The 3pm start. It felt good to finally get off the winter couch.


Chasing Ryan up the middle mountain.


Heading for the summit.


Chasing Ryan back down the middle mountain.


Jamil Coury from ‘Run Steep Get High’ enjoying the summit Fireball Whiskey. Somehow I forgot to partake on my final lap!  PS – the sunset was unreal.


Pete and Liz – the timers battling the winter cold, cheering folks on.


Truly the highlight of the run was hanging out with friends. Me (left), Liz (center), and Pete (right) in the winter dark. Hanging with these two, along with Ryan for a couple of laps, and seeing Jared were all treats. Good friends and family, and the support of the fellow runners, is what makes this whole, strange enterprise enjoyable. Thanks Pete and Liz for volunteering.



RUFA 2018: Running Up For Air – a few photos.

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