About me. Not much to say. I was raised near the shores of a prehistoric Great Salty Lake, first by my parents, then by a pack of badgers. I’m often a loner but not a drifter as my handle might imply. I am grafted to the roots of the Wasatch Mountains with dreams wandering west into the Great Basin. I was made to build and create but somehow fell down an anthropology rabbit hole and daylight in archaeology.

I’m named for my grandfather, and his grandfather, and his grandfather, stretching back centuries in a foreign flat land threatened by encroaching seas. My ancestors knew oceans and whales. I know stone and mountain sheep.

I’ve always sewn and always worked with wood – often seeking an intersection between the two. Recently efforts at handcrafted shoes have captured my soul. But so have two bright young kiddos who tend preempt time spent in the garage with shoe lasts, soles, and lasting pliers.


Me and version 2.0 in the workland.